About us

What is BitTiger?

BitTiger is an online learning platform that provides quick, effective, and affordable training in practical skills that prepare students to be as productive as possible in their current and future jobs. At this time, BitTiger is primarily a community of Chinese computer engineers studying and working in North America, but new students are joining every day across the world and our offerings are expanding beyond computer science to technical skills for business and operational roles.


Learning Services We Offer

At this time, BitTiger provides the following learning services to students:

  • Path of SV Engineer: is a video series for which several new videos are posted each week. The 10-20 minute videos quickly provide students a deep understanding of the technologies and management skills that can help them progress along their career path in the technology industry
  • Streamed courses: are made up of live streamed lectures provided by instructors that are experts in their field, live streamed office hours with TAs, and take home projects that provide students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned
  • Recorded Video courses: are made up of recorded course videos made by instructors that are experts in their field, live streamed office hours with either the lead instructor or TAs, and take home projects that provide students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned


Our Teaching Philosophy

BitTiger focuses on the “why” behind technical subjects, so we encourage students not to accumulate isolated skills and facts but rather logically connect all of their new technical knowledge into a cohesive understanding about how systems work. Our goal is to prepare students to use critical thinking to solve new and challenging problems that require them to think creatively in a real work environment.

Because our only focus is producing the best possible educational experience, we begin designing each curriculum by asking: what are the basic building blocks of knowledge that a student will need to understand so that they can approach more complex applied problems in the future? We then ensure that students identify any remaining gaps in their knowledge by applying newly acquired skills to a hands-on project. We close any remaining gaps through Q&A sessions and student study groups.

We believe that some of the best teachers are those that have extensive experience working in the technology industry because they deeply understand the skills people need to succeed and are knowledgeable about the latest practices that leading companies use.

TigerX Community

As mentioned in our teaching philosophy, we believe student study groups are a key part of the solution in addressing the learning gap between hearing about a new skill in a lecture, and absorbing that skill deeply enough that one can apply it to future problems. TigerX is a large network of study groups that anyone can join, including students who are not part of any formal BitTiger classes.

Through TigerX, students can: listen to free live lectures given by industry experts, work on hands-on projects with other students, participate in online Q&A forums, and network with other people in the technology industry.

The free content available through TigerX is produced and managed by a dedicated team of volunteers. However, for students that wish to form study groups that accompany paid BitTiger courses, private groups are created and administered by BitTiger course coordinators.


Founding and Mission

BitTiger was founded because we saw a gap between the foundational education provided by traditional institutions and the practical skills needed to be immediately productive in the working world. Universities do an excellent job providing students a venue to discover what interests them most and in conveying the theoretical knowledge needed to start students on their path to expertise in a particular area. 

However, many students graduate without significant applied experience in their field, so they require extensive training before they become fully productive in their jobs. We believe we can provide quick, effective, and affordable training in technical skills to fill that educational gap. By taking advantage of new technologies, our mission is to create a learning platform that provides a hands-on education that is both more accessible than university classes, and more effective than MOOC classes that have struggled with student engagement.

The founding team has four members, two Chinese and two Americans, bringing together a blend of styles, experience, and educational backgrounds. We are based in Silicon Valley, giving us close proximity to top engineers and the world’s most famous high tech community.